Price List 2022

Haircut & Finish£40 – £70
Blow Dry & Styling£30 – £50
Full Head Colour£75
Re-growth Colour£55
Full Head Colour with Scattered Foils£140
Toner/Gloss/Semi-permanent Colour£30 – £55
Scattered Foils£55 – £65
Full Head Foil Highlights£110 – £150
Half Head Foil Highlights£85 – £95
Face Frame Foil Highlights£65
Creative Colour£120 – £200
Face Frame Creative Colour£90
Keratin Smoothing Treatments£100 – £200

All colour services are subject to an allergy patch test a minimum of 48hrs before the booked service.
Our prices are based on your type of hair, whether the style is long or short, and your stylists experience. 
A more accurate service cost can be quoted following a free consultation.